Terms & Conditions

Production Policy:

Nostalgic Grains & Laser works LLC is run by one person, me. I work hard to produce every item by hand on my machines. I use a manual lathe to make shift knobs, which allows for the extreme amounts of customization seen in my option lists for certain parts. This also means that I rarely inventory any items because there are just so many options.

Wait time can range from 1-10 days until shipping on most products. This is the time needed to produce the part since there is ALWAYS a waiting line of parts on order. In some cases, specific options may take more time to produce such as Custom Engravings because of the graphic work required.  We usually ship within 1-3 business days. If you have Any question please feel free to contact us.


Release from Liability:

Through the use of this website and the purchase of any products on this website, the CUSTOMER (for himself, his personal representatives, heirs, assigns and next of kin) hereby releases, waives and discharges NOT TO SUE Nostalgic Grains & Laser Works LLC  or it's owner Willy Izaguirre (Herein referred to as "the releasees"). The CUSTOMER agrees to release the releasees from all liability to the customer, his personal representatives, assigns, heirs, and next of kin for any and all loss or damage, and any claim or demands therefore on account of injury to the person or property or resulting in death of the customer arising out of or related to the use of this product, through negligence or otherwise.

Product misuse will void all warranties, expressed or implied.




If you have any questions about these terms, send me an email before placing your order. I'll be happy to clarify anything.



Willy Izaguirre